Saipa Expansion Engineering Company uses design approach in order to ensure from the product according to desirable design and specifications appropriate with customer’s needs. Whereas results of design activities especially after confirmation and approval are considered as a complete letter of agreement describing adequate details concerning specifications of product or about contract between customer and organization; therefore, design process is regarded as one of the required pillars for supplying demands of all applicable parties during a work contract related to manufacturing and delivery of an order in this company. This company has engineering services in all process levels by presenting engineering and advanced strategies. Extent of such services starts with designing special equipment, and includes design of production line and in higher levels, designing one line completely accompanied by all subsidiaries and subordinate units.

The presented engineering services of Saipa Expansion Engineering Company include the following items:

  • Process Design and Engineering
  • Design and Engineering of various kinds of instrumentation, control systems and industrial automation
  • Design and Engineering of all mechanical and electrical installations, safety and protective
  • Design and Engineering of fire fighting and fire extinguishing systems
  • Design and Engineering of automated material handling and storage systems
  • Design and Engineering of all civil operations
  • Design and Engineering of assembling lines
  • Design and Engineering of different equipment
  • Design and Engineering of Robotic lines
  • Design, Engineering and Architecture of Industrial and Administrative Buildings
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