After the imposed war was ended and reconstruction period of the country was began, the government’s strategy in car industry section was completely changed and this industry during the years 1991 to 2000 (the 70th decade of solar year) has observed an increasing growth in all aspects under supports of the government. Saipa Iranian Automobile Manufacturing Group followed by the circumstances governing the country and as one of the two Iranian Car manufacturing poles, has taken action to develop production lines and increase the number of production so that it could target the quality and quantity growth of its products along with major policies of country.

The needs of Saipa Group to develop production facilities according to the latest modern technologies in the 70th decade has formed “Saipa Plan and Expansion” formalities which have carried out massive projects like design and construction of Saipa New Painting Salon, Saipa body salon and Saipa assembling salon during its activity period.

 As the development and equipping movements have been increased rapidly, also, the benefits of establishment reproductive organizations felt the need to form an independent structure to perform development projects in the group more than ever; finally Saipa Plan & Expansion Group was registered under title of Saipa Parvar Automobile Manufacturing Lines Design Company in the beginning of 1998.

After 9 months from this date, on December 1998, name of company was changed to Saipa Manufacturing Design and Productive Lines Equipment.

In the end, after all inspections concerning mission and duties of company, the company was first created by changing its name to Saipa Expansion Engineering Company (SEECO) under Reg. No. 138982 and began its main activity in the beginning of 2000.

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