The process of delivery of projects to customers is started after completing stages of getting customer’s needs, feasibility study of project, supervising design, construction, installation and commissioning. In order to deliver products and services timely, also ensuring from presenting appropriate after-sale services for the delivered projects, all stages are codified and implemented in all projects. Saipa Expansion Engineering Company grants a complete range of services in scopes of implementation, installation and commissioning projects by means of qualified experts. The capabilities of this company cause secure, on time and effective performance of projects. The presented services of Saipa Expansion Engineering Company in respect of implementation, installation and commissioning are as follows:

  • Installation and Commissioning Equipment
  • Installation and Commissioning Industrial Automation, Control and Instrumentation Systems
  • Implementation of all construction, building and civil operations
  • Construction, installation and commissioning mechanical and electrical equipment and installations
  • Doing all tests required for commissioning
  • Educating operation and net personnel of employer completely
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