Saipa Expansion Engineering Company renders the following services in respects of industrial automation, design and manufacturing various kinds of special machines, design and performing production lines, design and manufacturing industrial manipulators and user training of different kinds of robotic systems:

1- Design- Available Services in this respect are as follows:

  • Basic and detailed processes design
  • Preparation of 3-D Model for equipment
  • Robotic Cell Simulation and selecting/placement of robot
  • Design and choosing robot tools (Spot/ Arc Welding Overalls, spraying/sealer, gripper, hanger overalls)
  • Manual design and analysis of finite elements of industrial machinery structures for various times
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic systems design
  • Obtaining a confirmation from the customer for design according to requirements of agreed bylaws
  • Preparation of construction, placement, hydraulic and pneumatic plan
  • Preparation of purchasing list for elements
  • Preparation of repair and maintenance instruction
    Supervising the outsourced designs and their validation
  • Performing all stages according to the previous experiences and lesson learned from conducted projects
  • Preparation of technical and commercial suggestion

    2- Supplying Equipment- Available Services in this respect are as follows:
  • Evaluating suppliers and manufacturers
  • Cooperation with industrial communication units
  • Supplying from inside and outside the country on the right time
  • Technical and commercial negotiations with foreign suppliers
  • Inspection before, during and after manufacturing
  • Authentication of manufacturing documents according to agreed bylaws

    3- Installation and Commissioning- Available Services in this respect are as follows:
  • Performing installation affairs based on available checklists
  • Doing SAT and FAT tests
  • Doing functional, welding and painting tests
  • Programming and Robot/ Coding Teach
  • Optimization of Robotic Lines (especially press lines) in order to increase production
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